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ProgramGeomatics Engineering


Geomatics   Engineering


Lassonde School of   Engineering




4 Years

Starting Month


Available for

Full-Time and   Part-Time


Program Description:

Geomatics Engineering blends the knowledge of science and engineering with information technologies to solve complex, real-world problems. The diverse issues tackled by the field range from tracking a vehicle’s location within a city to determining land use from a satellite image. Geomatics engineers focus on the science and technologies related to positioning and navigation, sensors, measurements and mapping, as well as on spatial awareness and intelligence. 

Our Geomatics Engineering program is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).

What You’ll Learn

We will get you started with the basics in geomatics, surveying and mapping, navigation, sensors, and measurements to assist in building a strong foundation in the discipline.

In third and fourth year, you will take Geodesy, Advanced Surveying, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Measurement Theory and Estimation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Survey Law and Land Registration Systems, Advanced 3D Techniques, Mobile GIS and Location-based Services, Sensor Integration and Advanced Field Surveys courses. You will learn and use advanced state-of-the-art instruments while putting your professional skills to the test.

To top it off, the co-op program after second year allows you to gain professional experience, giving you a head start towards becoming a licensed Professional Engineer.

Some Courses You’ll Take

·         Advanced Field Surveys

·         Global Geophysics and Geodesy

·         GIS and Spatial Analysis

·         Global Positioning Systems

·         Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

·         Digital Image Processing for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing

·         Cadastral Surveys and Land Registration Systems

·         Digital Terrain Modelling

Admission Requirements:

Chinese High School


·         Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate

o   Successful completion of the final year of Senior 3/Grade 12 level of student

·         Grade 12 chemistry

·         Grade 12 physics

·         Grade 12 math

·         No prerequisite below 75%



·         General Engineering Surveying and Mapping

·         Geospatial 3D Mapping and Modelling

·         Geodetic and Engineering Control Surveying

·         Navigation Engineer

·         Geospatial engineer

·         Mission systems engineer

·         Navigation and position systems engineer



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