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Program Description:

This certificate is ideal if you're interested in sharpening your professional accounting skills or if you want to pursue a professional accounting designation. Designed specifically for those with non-accounting degrees, you can obtain all the necessary credits in the shortest timeframe to meet the certification requirements of the accounting profession in Canada. This certificate enables you to fulfill the Institute of Chartered Accountants 51 credit-hour requirement in the CA education program.

You gain specialized training in the accounting field including:

·         financial and management accounting;

·         financial statement reporting;

·         personal and corporate income taxation; and

·         advanced financial applications.

Admission Requirements:

·         Current York students, or

·         New applicants to York

·         If you are a current York student, contact the School of Administrative Studies to find out about admissibility requirements and the application process.

·         If you are a new applicant to York, you must ensure first that you meet the minimum requirements for admission to the University by applying through the Office of Admissions. You would then also make a separate inquiry to the School of Administrative Studies, as noted in item 1 above.


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