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ProgramProfessional Writing


Professional Writing



Liberal Arts & Professional   Studies




4 Years

Starting   Month


Available   for

Full-Time and   Part-Time


Program Description:

The Professional Writing Program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies at York University offers students a unique opportunity to study and to acquire practical expertise in a wide range of written expressions that inform and shape our culture. The combination of knowledge and expertise is highly sought after by employers who recognize the spiraling need for effective communications in today’s and tomorrow’s economy. Students in our program develop inventive approaches to writing that keep pace with cultural, social, and technological transformation in the contemporary world.

York’s Professional Writing Program is unique.  As a program of the Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Faculty, we strive to connect and compliment the traditional strengths of a Liberal Arts degree with practical, professional experience.  Our program core provides a firm grounding in the history, theory, and critical investigation of writing practices while providing hands-on experience in the creation, management, and presentation of dynamic, responsive writing.


Admission Requirements:

Chinese High School


·         Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate

o   Successful completion of the final year of Senior 3/Grade 12 level of student


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