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ProgramPublic Administration


Public Administration


Liberal Arts & Professional   Studies




4 Years

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Program Description:

Public management leaders must have multidisciplinary knowledge, critical skills and abilities to realize their vision to advance the public interest. At York, we prepare leaders for the broader public sector that spans all levels of government, public institutions and non-profit organizations, who can excel and thrive in a dynamic multicultural environment. Our graduates also work as policy analysts, legal and regulatory compliance officers, consultants and government relations managers in the private sector.

Through courses in areas such as public administration, Canadian government and public law, you’ll examine current and emerging debates regarding public institutions, law, human rights and diversity. You’ll also gain a clear understanding of the theory and practice of government while acquiring expertise relevant to policy analysis, program evaluation and other public service functions such as project management, human resources, budgeting and finance.

The Bachelor of Public Administration is an Honours only program and students also have the option to specialize in one of three streams:

·         Law, Justice and Public Policy

·         Management

·         Policy Analysis

Admission Requirements:

Chinese High School


·         Senior Secondary School Graduation Certificate

o   Successful completion of the final year of Senior 3/Grade 12 level of student

·         Grade 12 math


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