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Transcripts Samples

Whether you apply for high school, undergraduate, or graduate programs, evey applicant needs to provide transcripts from their previous education institution. The application of the school will refer to the academic standards of students. 

High school transcripts: printed on school letterhead. The transcripts should show the student's name, gender, duration of study, subject, and grades of each semester, grade of each subject, school address, date, and seal.


University transcripts: Printed on school letterhead, the transcripts should show the student's name, gender, time of attendance, student number, department, major, academic status, courses taken in each academic year, credits for each subject, grades, What is the full score of each subject, school address, date, official seal. Specific reference to the following figure:



In general, both high school and college now have their own copy of both Chinese and English transcripts, so as long as the major elements are included, there will be no problems. It is noteworthy that, if later intends to apply for a study visa, it is better to have your transcripts notorized.