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Canadian admission procedures introduction

Canadian schools generally admits in the fall or winter, and most students choose to enroll in the fall. In order to adapt more quickly and familiarize with environment, most of the freshmen will come to Canada early in August.

After the plane landed at the airport, the first step is picking up. Most schools provide pick-up service, and international students can confirm the pick-up with the school after the visa is approved and the ticket is purchased. Here we remind our students that pick-up information can be seen on the school's website, some schools will have a pick-up service, and students have to register in advance and contact with the school. If you have a host family, agency or relatives and friends to pick up, please be sure to accurately tell them your flight information, so as not to "get lost" at the airport.


When you arrive at a school dormitory or homestay, you have more things to do, such as school registration, getting a bank card, getting a mobile phone card, getting a health insurance card, and more.

- School Registration: The school will tell you in advance when to go to where to register, and students should pay close attention to the emails sent to you by the school. All international students go to the Student Center at the International Student Center for Student Registration. Students are required to prepare their own passport, school sign, school admission notice, and bill of lading information, depending on the requirements of the school. After getting the student card, there are any questions you can ask the school staff, such as where to buy a bus card, how to use the school meal plan, health insurance, bank cards and so on.

- Health Insurance: The health insurance for overseas students is compulsory, and parents have already paid health insurance when they pay their tuition fees. Students sign up & activate health insurance when they sign up for a student card. After registration, remember to print the insurance card into your wallet, go to the clinic after the clinic will be used. Ontario's universities are using Sun Life's UHIP insurance basic, any questions at any time to ask the school or their Sun Life website log in and access information.

- For bank cards: before leaving the country, students in Canada have basically completed a bank account, which is about one year's living expenses and so on. Once you arrive in Canada, you can pick up your passport and sign up to the appropriate bank to connect your account, get a Debit Card for a savings card, or apply for a Credit Card. After that if you want to change the bank is also very convenient.

- Mobile phone cards: Canadian telecommunications companies Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Freedom Mobile, Woodo, Virgin, etc., we can according to their needs and preferences package to choose carrier companies.

When you first arrive, new students are sure to have a lot of strangers and unfamiliar. However, as you gradually get acquainted with Canada, you will gradually fall in love with Canada and discover the beauty of Canada. I wish all of you students can open another vast sky in Canada!