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Common Mistakes in Canadian Visa Application


When a Canadian school gives out a letter of acceptance to student and the student has paid their tuition fees, the next step is to get a Student Visa. From time to time, we receive phone calls from some customers - why their applications were refused by CIC? This is because many people have some misunderstandings about Canada's visa application. Lets learn about these common misunderstandings and hope everyone can make fewer mistakes.


Mistake 1: Get the letter of acceptance will be able to get a study visa

Many parents think that children have applied to Canadian schools (some even got prestigious offers), then the visa officer will be issued a study visa. This thought is wrong, the school is based on the academic performance of students to issue offer, and the CIC is to study the student's learning background, family financial status, whether there are immigration trends and other factors, if some conditions are not met, the study visa is most likely refused. So to get the letter of acceptance is just one of the steps only, the visa document preparation must not be taken easily.

Mistake 2:Suffiecent savings can get a study visa

According to the requirements of the visa materials list, parents should provide proof of means of financial support. Some parents will suddenly deposit a lot of money into bank accounts, but before that, there is no money in the account at all. Visa officials value a good history of deposits (for Chinese clients, immigration authorities usually want to see a year or so of depost history), E Canada School wants to advise parents and students to make preparations for the progressive deposit of money into a bank account. Do not suddenly deposit a huge sum of money, this will make the visa officer doubts. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as students have several sets of real estate at home, just sold a set of real estate, a full set of housing sales documents, so even if a deposit into larger funds does not matter.

The finincial part is one of the most important documents that immigration authorities value in studying student visas. I hope everyone will be able to prepare early and treat them with caution. You can also contact the study tyrants, we provide free assessment and counseling.

Mistake 3: More deposits, more real estate, you do not have to provide proof of income

Even if the parents or applicants have a lot of deposits and real estate, but still have to provide proof of income. Revenue includes, but is not limited to, employment and income proof if working in a company, house rental contract and lease agreement if the house is rented, company business license, tax bill, etc. if doing business, immigration officials pay more attention to personal income tax, so the income of parents prove that if there is personal income tax support.

Mistake 4: To conceal the past visa refusal history

Some applicants who have been refused by Canada or other countries and are lucky enough not to mention them in the application form have the direct negative result of being dishonest. First of all, what is certain is that if there is a visa denied by Canada, the system must have a record. Similarly, Canada and the United States now have some degree of information sharing. If they were denied by the United States, they can usually be found in Canada. E Canada School has helped a student to look up his visa file, the record shows that the student has been refused for a visa before, but the student did not mention in the application form, the visa officer states that the student is dishonest. Therefore, students do not have chances, because Canadians are very valued honesty, a one-time refusal does not really matter, but the consequences of such concealment is very serious,the applicnet can not apply within a few years.

Mistake 5: Did not pay more attention after a visa refusal 

Some applicant's documents are not carefully prepared, which directly lead to applicaion refusal. Do not analyze the reasons after the refusal, but just submit the same documents.The immigration officer usually no change in the conditions as a reason to refuse to sign again.

If your student visa is refused, you must analyze the reasons for refusal of visa application carefully, and if necessary, you need to adjust the file (the visa refusal record of the immigration department). Once you apply again, you should target at and correct the mistakes. If you casually submit an application, and then submit an application two to three times after the refusal, it will be many times more difficult than the first application. Because every visa application (including tourist visa) will be recorded.

The above is E Canada School prepared for you to summarize several common mistakes in Canada visa, I we hope this can help you to understand Canada visa more.