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Immigration to Canada is the dream of many people, some people think that a good job in Canada is difficult to find? In fact, not necessarily, if you choose the right career development, perhaps the dream can become a reality. We sort out all the hot career rankings, salary levels according to the national average. Working in big cities usually yields more than 5% -20% of the national average.

Accountants & Auditors

The economy of Canada has not significant effect on the needs of the government and business for the professionals (Accountants and Auditors). Accordingly, job seekers applying for the above positions will have a wide range of employment opportunities over the next five years. With the computerization of financial systems in major enterprises, employers will pay more attention to the application skills of financial officers to computer knowledge.

Job applicants must hold a college diploma in economics, business management or related majors, and have a working background in which they have previously received on-the-job training. In addition, most employers require job seekers to have a professional qualification certificate issued by the provincial-level trade associations. Work in the accountancy profession usually requires CA / CGA / CMA qualifications. 

Chef chef 


Canada is a big country of immigrants. As Asian immigrants have increased in recent 20 years, Asian restaurants have become very popular. As a result, chefs have become hot jobs and unsurpassed chefs status. Often the chefs are regarded as lower-skilled professions. However, in the past few years, with the promotion of a food culture by the media, the community has generally respected more and more chefs who master culinary skills. As a result, many sketch students enrolled in culinary courses.


PayScale salary survey website report shows that the average annual salary of domestic chefs is about 57,000 yuan, up to 8 to 10 million range.


Computer Programmer

Programmers have a wide range of career opportunities in the current career landscape. The employment outlook is still expected to be more optimistic over the next five years. In order to become a qualified programmer, job seekers, in addition to master the basic programming language and programming skills, while also constantly enrich themselves and continue to enrich their own professional knowledge.

Job Requirements Job applicants must hold a diploma of a major or a college degree majoring in computer science or a discipline related to computer programs such as mathematics and business administration.


Computersy stems Analysts Computer Systems Analyst

Employment prospects In the next 5 years, employment prospects are extremely optimistic. Although the end of the last century, the emergence of the Internet bubble this century, not enough time not only the computer information is not weak, but in the hardware and software continue to leap forward. Mobile phones and laptops have become indispensable daily necessities for young people. However, due to the continuous updating of programming languages and programming techniques, employers pay more attention to the ability of system analysts to accept new knowledge and acquire proficiency. In addition, the employer also requires system analysts have good communication skills, accurate answers to customers for technical advice. The hourly salary of a computer system analyst is about CAD36 / hr.


Mechanical Engineers Mechanical Engineer

As a developed country in resources, adjacent to the United States, Canada has many fields of mechanical engineering (petroleum, natural gas, timber, aerospace, energy) involved in the field of mechanical engineering services. The production of machinery, tools and materials Department, all without mechanical engineering services. As a qualified mechanical engineer, you must have some knowledge of the application of electronic technology in order to enhance your competitive advantage and further adapt to the needs of employers.

Job Requirements Job applicants must hold a university degree, majoring in mechanical engineering. At the same time also in the province of Canada or local professional engineers registered in the Association, and after review by the Institute of Engineers issued a professional qualification certificate.

Registered Nurse Registered Nurse 


Over the past few years, "registered nurses" have been among the best in either the non-governmentally rated "Top 10 Most Delicious Occupations in Canada" or the 38 hottest lists officially released by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Canada. Nurses in Canada is a profession that requires state control. At present, many countries in the world face the problem of shortage of nurses, and Canada is particularly serious.

The aging of the community and the dramatic increase in the number of people in need of care and attention have put a lot of strain on the government's health care sector. Thanks to the Canadian government's special emphasis on the nursing industry, while the total number of nurses in Canada is declining, medical education Network to collect and sort out various types of hospitals, clinics, community health centers a serious shortage of nursing staff. Especially with the growing number of Chinese in Canada, employment opportunities for caregivers from China have increased. Annual salary: $ 46,500- $ 64,000

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