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Internship and part-time opportunities

How to find internships & part-time job opportunities?

Ninety percent of international students want to study academic courses, while they want to get some social experience through internships / part-time jobs and earn a bit pocket money. So, how to find a favorite part-time job in Canada? We are here to provide some of the commonly-used recruitment website and for your reference: 


Indeed is a U.S. employment-related search engine whose domain name is in Canada that allows you to search for jobs based on salary, job type, location, company, job title, and more. In addition to the jobs posted directly by employers, there is also a job that employers post on their company's website.

If students need to find an internship or part-time job, first select their city on the search page, and then enter the relevant work you want to do, followed by Internship or Part-time (part-time), you can search . The advantage of Indeed is that there are many job categories, upload resumes, and easily apply, as well as other people's comments on employers, their pay levels, and more.


2.       Monster

Monster, the world's largest online recruitment service, has offices or offices in 26 countries, websites in 22 local languages, international advanced web services and a vast database ofpersonal resumes. It is characterized by its close relationship with social media and the ability to upload resumes. But the downside Monster has is that there are often times when marketing companies call site members, but they do not get Sales jobs that are not relevant to you.


Not so much a recruitment website, Glassdoor is more like an employer-related website with a lot of employees on the company's job evaluation, salary evaluation, interview evaluation, if students are unfamiliar with a company, you can search for the company's information. At the same time, glassdoor also have a lot of job opportunities.


Everyone should have heard about or used by others. Compared to finding a job site, it is more like a social media about work. Many businesses and celebrities have an account on them and they share their own work experience and so on. Students can create their own profile, upload their own personal information, educational experience, work experience, social experience, many large companies will be sent in the above recruitment information. However, because the conditions are very good work, the competition will also be great. 


As the largest Chinese portal in Canada, the York Forum offers a variety of services to international students and newcomers. Although the major areas are in the Greater Toronto Area, there are many job opportunities for most Chinese. 


Canadian Chinese life information website, aims to provide a free exchange platform for new and old immigrants. The above is mainly some of the more junior-oriented work for Chinese, if students just want to earn some pocket money, may wish to look for it in the above.


7.     Internal referral

Canada attaches great importance to Connection, if you want to enter a company, just your friends have been working in it for some time, he / she can refer you through the internal, compared to other resume candidates, you will have greater chance to get interview. I believe more or less you will know some of our school alumnus, and they maintain good contacts, when necessary, can facilitate your job search.


8.     Broaden your social circle

More to attend lectures and friends in their own field party, after that, the job will bring you unexpected results Oh!