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Things an international student should know before finding a job

Many Canadian students choose to find a part-time job during their study. This is a very common phenomenon. On the one hand, foreign students can earn some living expenses. On the other hand, the most important thing is that they can accumulate local work experience which is favorable to the future work. However, there are a few things students should pay attention to. If students illegally work in Canada and to be discovered, you will be repatriated to China. How can international students meet the requirements of legal employment and what matters need attention? Please see the details as below.

School work

Foreign students who meet the following conditions do not need to apply for work permit. That is, working on campus:

1. Have a valid work permit;

2. Full-time study at a designated leaning institution designated by the Canadian Immigration office;

** Usually all public colleges and universities in Canada are listed designated leaning institutions by the Canadian Immigration Bureau;

Working off-campus

Before June 1, 2014, Canada stipulated that all international students must apply for off-campus work permit if they intend to work outside the school during their study. However, this regulation was abolished after June 1, 2014. Under the new regulations, foreign students can apply for work permit only if they hold a study permit and as long as they meet certain conditions.

So what are the basic conditions for foreign students to work?

1. Have a valid study permit;

2. Full-time study at a designated Learning institutions;

3. Enter academic course (English program is not counted);

Of course, to ensure that students do not affect their study during the work, Immigration office regulates that foreign students can only work 20 hours per week at maximum. But the limit is only for the academic term. Summer vacation, winter vacation and spring break, students can have full-time Work (usually 40 hours a week).

SIN card application conditions:

International students need to apply for a SIN card before starting their work, that is, Social Insurance Number. The 9-digit number on the card is used to pay taxes, tax return or receive benefits when working in Canada. On March 31, 2014, Service Canada replaced the work card with a work card, so how to apply to SIN paper?


1. Must have a valid study permit, full-time study;

2. The school must be designated leaning institutions;

How to apply for SIN:

First of all, your school need to issue a letter of attendance, that is, an enrollment letter. The letter of attendance includes the school's official letterhead, contact information, your full name, birthday, full-time student ID, DLI number of school and your program). Bring your Passport, study permit, proof of attendance, to Service Canada and apply for free.


Co-op work permit

There is another kind of work permit called Co-op work permit. This work permit can’t be applied for by all foreign students. It is necessary to have an internship part in the academic course setting. This work permit needs a separate application. Application conditions are:

1. Have a valid study permit.

2. Can provide proof of letter from the school (internship must be an integral part of an academic course in Canada);

3. Internship part can’t exceed 50% of the total academic study.


Post graduate work permit (PGWP)

Of course, after graduation, foreign students can apply for a post-graduation work permit and work legally in Canada. After the applicant submits the application, the immigration office will issue a different duration of work permit based on the length of time. And the conditions for applying for graduation workers is:

1.    The duration of the program is not less than 8 months, and full-time study;

2.    Applicants must graduate from a Canadian public colleges, some private schools to meet the conditions can be;

3.     Have to complete their studies and diplomas issued by the institutions;

4.    Must be issued in the school diploma or transcripts within 90 days after the application;

5.    Must apply within the valid period of study permit;

What needs to be emphasized here is that the validity of the work permit issued by the Immigration Bureau is determined according to the length of the program (not the length of the applicant's schooling)

1. Program time is less than 8 months may not apply;

2. The duration of the study program is more than 8 months and less than 2 years, the expiry date of the graduation visa is the same as that of the study program;

3 learning project time is greater than or equal to 2 years, graduation workers signed a valid period of 3 years (up to 3 years);

At present, graduation workers sign a longer trial period and need 4-5 months, but foreign students can lawfully work while submitting their applications and waiting for the graduation workers to sign their applications.

Canadian immigrants need to remind their students that they can only apply once a year when they are graduating. Therefore, students are required to treasure the time spent by graduating workers and accumulate work experience so as to prepare for future immigration and higher job vacancies.



Spouse Worker Permit

Every year, Many international students come to Canada to study, some of whom are already married. In order to avoid long-term separation between the two places, many students hope to go to Canada with their spouses. Canada currently does not have a accompanying visa class, but spouses can apply for a spouse work permit. This is an open work permit which do not limit the company and the type of work. If spouse have one-year working experience and meet other requirement, they could also apply for experienced immigration.

The conditions for applying for a spouse's job are:

 International students have valid sign-ups;

 Foreign students study full-time at a designated leaning institution;

Spouse work permit no longer than the student's student visa time, usually the same as the student visa.