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  • 2022/5/22 9:18
  • 留学霸
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According to the latest news from the Quebec Ministry of Education on May 19, Quebec announced that it will invest 80 million Canadian dollars in the next four years to encourage international students studying in college or university to go to Quebec to complete their studies.


01. How international students benefit

Eligible international students will enjoy the same tuition as Quebec local students (including Canadian permanent residents or Canadian citizens) from the fall of 2023!

For example, under normal circumstances, international students studying in a Quebec colleges or universities usually need to pay around 20,000 or more tuition fees. Under the new policy, eligible international students will only pay the basic fees as close to Quebec local students, such as the college tuition is waived, and undergraduate students only need to pay about 3,000 Canadian dollars in tuition. Under the new policy, international students can still work part-time for up to 20 hours a week during their studies and full-time during winter and summer vacations.



02. Requirements

Where to study: You need to choose an post-secondary institution outside of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM)

Language: You need to choose French

Program selection: You need to choose a full-time post-secondary program, and the program should be in Quebec's in-demand occupation list, such as: computer, engineering, health and social services, education and early childhood education.

03. Purpose of the New Policy

Quebec has invested heavily to attract international students, with the ultimate goal of cultivating more French-speaking students to fill the shortage of labor in Quebec, while attracting more new immigrants to Quebec.