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According to the latest news from the Quebec Ministry of Education on May 19, Quebec announced that it will invest 80 million Canadian dollars in the next four years to encourage international students studying in college or university to go to Quebec to complete their studies.[Detail]

We summarizes the top ten points for international students to pay attention to after coming to Canada.[Detail]

Regardless of applying for any visa to Canada, the review of financial documents is usually the most important part of the visa officer. As for how much funds to provide is enough, this is a question often asked by our customers who usually consult us. Canadian and American immigrants will explain them one by one today.[Detail]

If high school students want to study in Canada, they do not need to complete the college entrance examination before they can enter a university. At present, some famous Canadian universities have opened bridge courses.[Detail]

Recently, one of our clients as an accompanying mother was approved for a study permit application, and the speed can be called rocket speed.[Detail]

Many Canadian international students choose to find a part-time job during their studies. This is a very common phenomenon. On the one hand, international students can earn some living expenses. On the other hand, the most important aspect is that they can accumulate local work experience.[Detail]

The total number of students in Hong Kong exceeded that before the epidemic, and Chinese students accounted for 12%![Detail]

In 2022, Canada's famous "MacLean" magazine announced the highest comprehensive ranking of various universities![Detail]

Analyze! Should I choose a Canadian public school or a private school? What are the pros and cons, and what are the specific differences?[Detail]