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As we mentioned in previous articles, more and more parents choose to let their children come to study in Canada when they are in high school, so that their children can adapt to Canada's environment earlier and increase their chances of entering prestigious universities. In Canada, public middle schools can be divided into ordinary public high schools, and church public high schools; private secondary schools can be divided into aristocratic schools, boarding private schools, and ordinary private secondary schools. The face of so many choices, and sometimes parents and children how to choose the most suitable for their own schools, then please continue to see our article prepared for you to study Pa.

Ordinary public high school:

Advantages: Unified management of regional public education bureaus, such as the Toronto Board of Education, the York Regional School Board, the Vancouver Board of Education, and the teaching management are guaranteed. Tuition fees are lower than other private secondary schools, with tuition fees of about 12,500 to 15,000 Canadian dollars per academic year. School arrangements or school cooperation agencies arrange homestay. Only 5% of international students in the school have good English learning atmosphere.

Disadvantages: The school only in September and January to start school, the international student places is limited, need to apply for six months in advance. Public school class time is 9 am, to about 15:30, free after a long time, not suitable for poor self-control students. Without private middle school intensive English learning courses, international students may appear in the 12th grade of mathematics and physics courses, English in the 10th grade, need to spend more than half a year to a year of English classes, affecting the time of college.

For the crowd: grades 8-11, good English, self-control, or want to lay a good foundation for students.


York District Public Education Board Introduction:

York District Catholic Education Board introduced:

Toronto Education Board:


Church Public High School:

Advantages: Church public secondary schools management is more stringent than other secondary schools, the students dress, words and deeds have the provisions of the general ethos is good. The remaining advantages and general public high school roughly the same.

Disadvantages: Catholic middle school will have Catholic / Christian interaction, such as learning the Bible, prayer, etc., although not mandatory for international students to teach, but not for religious activities are not very interested students. The remaining shortcomings and general public high school roughly the same.

For the crowd: grades 8-11, good English, a Catholic / Christian background, self-control of students.


Noble middle school:

Advantages: The school has a long history, a very high reputation. Students are from high-quality families, good quality and self-cultivation, talented people. Almost 100% of the enrollment rate, after graduating from major schools are enrolled, after graduating students network is not ordinary high school can match. Students in the school accommodation, someone management. Rich teaching and extra-curricular activities, advanced teaching facilities, each student's attention, students develop in many ways.

Disadvantages: higher costs, each year in Canadian dollars 60000-70000 or so; admission requirements, students should take the exam and interview; schools do not want to receive senior students, but also hope that students read from the lower grades.

For the crowd: lower grades, excellent grades, good English, good family economics students.

Boarding Private Boarding School:

Advantages: flexible start time, 5-6 times a year start time. Small classes, students are highly concerned about the teacher. Tight teaching schedule, the students will not appear at half past three in the afternoon, no state to try. English intensive courses to avoid the English course credits did not repair enough situation. School for the purpose of further studies, enrollment rate higher than ordinary public high schools. Students in school accommodation, life teacher management, parents do not have to worry about food and accommodation, do not have to worry about student safety issues. Tuition higher than public high schools, but much lower than the aristocracy, more economical.

Disadvantages: more international students, there will be a situation with students of nationalities get together.

For the crowd: grades 8-12, English generally better, self-control of students in general. Or students in Canada without relatives and friends, hope that the school can be closed-managed parents.


Ordinary private secondary school:

Advantages: fasting hours, flexible start time. The students are more for the purpose of teaching credits, intensive courses, but also provide English test examination training.

Disadvantages: more international students, English learning environment in general. Most schools of this type do not have separate campuses, mostly leasing a few floors in a office building, or have only one small office with facilities that are not as good as those in other schools and with fewer courses available for students. Some schools may have management chaos.

For the crowd: Urgent need for credit hours, Year 12 students; or Students who do not perform well in public schools and want to improve their average.

As the saying goes, "gold always glows." Each student has his own characteristics, preferences and needs. Just choose your own school and work hard during your study. I believe my classmates will be able to advance to their ideal university to meet New stage of life!


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