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Oenology and Viticulture

Professional presentation

The semester is a four-year Co-op project aimed at cultivating a Bachelor of Science degree in wine brewing and viticulture, which aims to meet the growing demands of the cool grape, grape juice and wine industries in the cool climate region. The goal of the program is to provide a comprehensive science education that combines winemaking and viticulture practices and industrial experiences, as well as marketing, tourism and wine appreciation.


After the course, graduates will receive training, work in vineyards and wineries, or become owners and operators of vineyards and wineries. Work experience is considered an important part of student preparation. In order to obtain work experience, all students must participate in the job opportunities provided in the school project. According to the study plan, students will participate in at least three jobs. Each student must perform at least one work task in the vineyard during harvesting and smashing, and complete it once at the winery.

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Relevant experienced personnel in related wine growing or wine industry; Bachelor's degree in biology or chemistry; scores above 70%


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Brock University Introduction

Brock University is one of the famous public comprehensive universities in Canada. It is a medium-sized university. The school enjoys a good reputation in small and medium-sized schools with a friendly and harmonious humanistic environment and relatively low cost. Brock University is located in the south of St. Catherine, Ontario. It is just 20 minutes drive from Niagara Falls and the U.S. border and about 100 kilometers from Toronto. The school's greatest feature is that more than 90% of undergraduate majors have Co-op work opportunities. This not only applies theoretical knowledge to practice, but also provides good opportunities for finding the ideal job at graduation. Therefore, Brooke is the highest employment university in Ontario with 97.5%. The school has the only grape breeding and winemaking site in North America.



School introduction

Niagara University's teaching winery is the center of the Niagara Peninsula wine education and Canada's only authorized teaching winery. Focusing on quality education, the wine industry has partnered with Niagara University to develop and optimize the following courses so that graduates have superb skills and are ready for a new career.


Wine Business Management 

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The semester is a one-year project. Niagara College's wine business management courses not only provide students with the necessary knowledge, but also provide practical, immersive quality education. The wine business evolved from food and beverage, winemaking events, retail and e-commerce. The course currently enrolled in September 2018 is still enrolled. Tuition fees are around $6241/year.


Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Graduate employment

Agricultural Tourism Development; Winery Operations Management; Export Licenses and Agency Sales and Operations; Marketing and Public Relations; Retail Business; Special Event Management; Extensive Management Opportunities


Winery and Viticulture Technician

Professional presentation

The semester is a two-year project. Niagara Institute's Canadian Institute of Food and Wine is known for its outstanding reputation among graduates, employers and industry partners; it provides an unparalleled learning environment, leading facilities and a world-class faculty; students conduct it on and off campus every year. Many special features to gain extra experience and exposure; the beautiful campus has a teaching restaurant, teaching breweries, vineyards, beer gardens, apiaries and greenhouses; in the thriving regional wine and hotel industry center. Courses currently enrolled in September 2018 are waiting in line. Tuition fees are around $6974/year.


Ontario College Diploma

Graduate employment

Winemaker; vineyard manager; laboratory or viticulture technician; viticulture; sales manager; sommelier; wine sales and marketing representative; winery;

Wine Marketing and Management

Professional presentation

The wine marketing and management course prepares an exciting and rewarding career for the hotel industry in all aspects of the wine and beverage management, wine sales, wine marketing and wine service industries. Occupational wine related opportunities include: agriculture, tourism, development of wineries, operations management, exports, license holders and agency sales and operations marketing, public relations retail business, special events management.


Certificate of Achievement

Graduate employment

Wine Event Consultant; Wine Business Consultant Buyer Retail; Wholesale Hotels; Winery Estate Management


Certified Wine Sommelier

Professional presentation

This project provides a useful hotel industry career for individuals in all aspects of wine and beverage management, wine sales, wine marketing and wine service industries. Starting in September each year, applications can be accepted starting in February, with a maximum of 22 students enrolled per semester. Graduates manage drink plans in any situation where restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, tourist attractions or beverages are part of the service.

Professional sommeliers often manage sales plans for import and export agents, purchase and sell for the provincial wine bureau, or open their own wine store or restaurant under lawful conditions.


Many certified sommeliers also teach wine/beverage education courses, hold wine tours abroad, and develop courses and courses for wineries and training programs in restaurants, hotels, and resorts.



Certificate from CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers)