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  • 2018/7/9 8:11
  • 留学霸
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In 2018, in line with the wishes of the majority of international students, we have written and printed the "2018 Canadian Student Handbook", which covers the details of 20 small sections of the 5 major sections of Canadian students concern, including: Canada Transportation / Weather / Law / Safety manual, entry notice/baggage list, how to choose the right school and professional/accommodation arrangement/school transfer, how to apply for driver's license, study abroad welfare/small sign application notice/transfer student transfer, etc., provide a large number of the latest and most practical Information for students and international students is a practical collection for Canadian students.

The 2018 Canadian Student Handbook is a guide and a sincere gift. We are now officially distributing this manual to our readers free of charge, hoping to answer questions and help for classmates and parents who are new to Canada!


How to get it for free?


If you want to receive the physical printing version of the 2018 Canadian Student Handbook

Please go to our office for free, at 7300 Warden Avenue, Unit 403, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 9Z6 (Warden Clip Denison)

If you want to receive the electronic version of the 2018 Canadian Student Handbook

 Log on to our website, just leave your name and email address and you will receive an electronic version of the manual for free (the "Free Collection" page is at the bottom left of the page)

Please note that the 2018 Canadian International Student Handbook is completely free of charge and does not charge any fees. It provides practical information only to readers and no one can use it for commercial purposes. If you have any other questions about studying abroad and immigration, please call (905) 604-7633. We have a professional immigration consultant to provide free consultation services for you!