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  • 2019/2/8 7:22
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Many parents are struggling with their children's summer activities. They want to let their children relax in intense learning and hope that their children will use their precious youth. Combining learning and life experiences in summer camps popular in various countries is one of the ideal choices for parents. By living overseas for a few weeks, children not only recognize friends from all over the world who are of similar age, but also strengthen their language or academic ability from a relatively relaxed classroom. During the day, children will visit famous tourist attractions and broaden their horizons, which will be very helpful in adapting to university life in the future.

Today, it’s up to you to check out the eight benefits of the summer camp for you.

1. Summer camp can exercise your child's language ability. In the camp area, students definitely need a common language for basic communication. A camping life of ten days or dozens of days is enough for the trainees to develop a familiarity with strange language. It is a very good language exercise time. Moreover, the characteristic of foreign immersive language education is to learn in play, so that children are more fond of learning and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

2. The summer camp teaches children a lot of human wisdom. The behaviors of students from different countries will have their own national characteristics and will have their own small personality. Faced with this phenomenon, what children learn is not to change, but to accept and respect. The time of the summer camp is very short. Parting is an indispensable part. What the children learn is how to control their emotions, dilute the parting mourning, and actively expect to reunite one day. What the summer camp tells us is a way of integrating into society. This method is obtained through the child's own practice, and is always much more taught than in the textbook. It is easier to listen to than others. Only the methods you have practiced will fully trust it.

3. Summer camps can improve children's independence. For the first time, a child who walks abroad independently and lives independently in foreign countries is conducive to enhancing children's ability to live and interpersonal, as well as improving their overall quality education, better exercising their ability to interact and survive, and cultivating their independent personality. .

4. Summer Camp expands the child's international vision and life experience, and enhances the initiative of learning and life. Develop children's diversity and international thinking, so that children can accept, tolerate and respect the multiculturalism of the world in their study and life. Recognize and respect people who have different social, political, and religious values from their own, so that children can better accept the spirit of freedom and tolerance.

5. Summer camps increase children's ability to unite and cooperate and coordinate with others. Most of the only children are lacking the ability to cooperate and coordinate with others. A person abroad can exercise well how to interact with others.

6. Summer Camp allows children to experience foreign study abroad in advance and better adapt to study abroad. With the increasing number of students studying abroad, the age of studying abroad has caused many parents to worry about whether their children can adapt to life and study abroad. The summer camp is a good opportunity for children to go out of their homes, explore and understand foreign life on their own, and lay the foundation for sending children to study abroad in the future.

7. The summer camp allows the child to have a deeper understanding of the schools that have entered the country abroad. Since many educational institutions and schools organize summer camps, children can participate in summer camps organized by schools they plan to study abroad, and learn more about the school during the process. Through the life of the summer camp, children can clearly know whether they like the environment and teaching methods of the school.

8. Pave the way for a student visa. Take Canada as an example, visit Canada's places of interest, enjoy the natural scenery, and make better preparations for the subsequent Canadian study visa, and get a better visa record, children will be more likely to get a student visa.

In short, children participate in summer camps, on the one hand, they can feel this colorful world; on the other hand, they accept different educational methods and cultivate their ability to think independently and learn independently.

Summer camps have these eight advantages. It is no wonder that the summer camps held in various countries are very popular every year. Among the many countries, Canada's well-established education system and quality of education are well known. It is one of the countries with the most complete education system and the highest level of education in the world. Therefore, summer camps organized by educational institutions and schools in Canada have always been popular choices for parents, and they are favored, with a large number of applicants each year. Now let's take a look at the activities of the three summer camps in Canada this year.

2019 Baodi College Summer Camp

Suitable for students: 12-17 years old

Summer Camp Date: July 9th, 2019 - August 20th, 2019 (3 or 4 weeks)

Registration Deadline: May 31, 2019

A 20-minute drive from downtown Toronto, Buddy College is a private boarding school that provides a learning environment that focuses on academic knowledge and personal growth.

The school dormitory provides a safe and comfortable room, monitored 24 hours a day, and boys and girls live on different floors. There is self-service laundry facilities in the dormitory building, and the buffet-style restaurant serves three meals a day, 7 days a week.

English summer camp

The English Summer Camp enhances students' English proficiency through formal classroom teaching, science and art activities, and short trips. Examples of activities include watching and discussing TV shows, news and movies, reading current hot events, participating in various types of writing and class debates.

Math and Science Summer Camp

The Math and Science Summer Camp is guided by the Science Department teacher at Baodi College. It can satisfy students' cravings for deeper scientific knowledge and enhance and consolidate students' math and science skills through classroom teaching and various experiences.

2019 Earl Haig Secondary School Summer Camp

Suitable for students: 12-17 years old

Summer Camp Date: July 8th, 2019 - August 2nd, 2019 (2, 3 or 4 weeks)

Registration Deadline: May 10, 2019

The Toronto Board of Education (TDSB) is the largest public education bureau in Toronto, Ontario. The school, Earl Haig Secondary School, is located in the Willowdale neighborhood of Toronto's North Yorkshire district. It was founded in 1928 and is the largest high school in Toronto. Toronto has a very high reputation.

Students will learn English in the most diverse cultural and linguistic environments in the world. English listening, speaking, reading and writing training are all around the theme of global environmental awareness. Other activities include visiting downtown Toronto, visiting the Canadian TV Tower, the Royal Library of Ontario and the University of Toronto, visiting Canada's Wonderland and Niagara Falls.

In addition, students will participate in a three-day, two-night short-distance study tour at the Outdoor Learning Center. The Outdoor Learning Center is organized by the Toronto Education Bureau. Students will participate in outdoor and indoor exploration activities (such as rock climbing and cross-country races), learn the skills of survival in an English-only environment, and improve leadership, teamwork and self-confidence.

Montreal ALI (McGill University) Summer Camp, 2019

Suitable for students: 10-16 years old

Summer Camp Date: July 6th, 2019 - August 3rd, 2019 (day camp 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks; boarding camp 2, 3 or 4 weeks)

Registration Deadline: April 30, 2019

The summer camp jointly run by ALI and McGill University provides students from all over the world with opportunities to learn English and French, encourage students to actively participate in and learn new language and sports activities, and gain insight into different cultural values and traditions. The personality of the students is fully developed in the collective life.

Immersive language camp

Designed for students who want to improve their English or French skills, the course combines classroom instruction, outings and interactive language experiences, allowing students to practice English or French in their daily lives.

Language and sports camp

Provide students with the opportunity to learn and exercise with Canadian children. Classes, sports, games, meals and accommodation are all on the campus of McGill University. Located at the foot of the famous Mount Royal, the campus is beautiful and safe, allowing students to experience nature in the bustling city.

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