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  • 2020/6/27 14:27
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When you come to Canada to apply for study abroad, in addition to choosing a favorite university and college, the teachers and professors who choose to take classes are all very particular. Online friends will say that if your professor is a devil, the GPA of your course will not be so high. If the teaching method is very vivid and interesting, I believe that you want to find a place in the classroom of hundreds of people, the difference is so big!


How do international students know which professor or teacher is good? In addition to learning from the brothers and sisters, today, studying abroad introduces you to a very useful website


RateMyProfessor is the largest area for scoring professors in various institutions. Users added 19 million ratings, 1.7 million professors and more than 7,500 schools. User-generated content makes "RateMyProfessor" the most visited website, allowing rapid research and evaluation of professors, colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. More than 4 million college students are using the "RateMyProfessor" function every month. Students can also review and rate the school by visiting the school's "RateMyProfessor" page.


RateMyProfessor is designed for college and university students. Choosing the best courses and professors is a must for every student, and contacting peers on the website has become an important way for millions of students in this process. The site accomplishes what students have been doing-checking each other-their friends, brothers, sisters, classmates-to find out who is an excellent professor and the one you may not like the most.

The website design is very simple. Since the website is mainly used to find the professor or teacher you want to know, accurate search function is essential. The main page has 3 functions.

1) Search for the professor you want



Click this page, the system will ask you to enter the name of the school, and the name of the professor. The system has already entered all the names of the professors on the job, so as long as you enter the keyword, you can find the corresponding school and person name. I’m doing a demo here. I’ve found a professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto in Canada called Richard Lee.


As you can see, Professor Lee got a high score of 4.7/5, a total of 23 students participated in the equalization, and each participating student left their valuable comments in the comment area. And for the sake of privacy, each participating student participates anonymously in scoring.

At the same time, the system will also give a comparison of the other three professors of the class of students, so that students can know which professor in the same department and the same subject is teaching. One of the very convenient features!

The website will also give each professor real-name certification, so that professors and students have real interactions, rather than dealing with counterfeit ones.


If students find that professors are mistakenly paired in different schools or even different departments, you can upload to request the website to be modified so as to continuously correct the accurate information. It is really a humanized design!


And the information provided by the website is not only the comprehensive score given by the professor, but students can also comment on the specific subjects taught by the professor. It is true that some professors have done very well and interestingly in certain subjects.

The scoring standard is mainly divided into two aspects. 1) Quality and 2) Difficulty. The total score is 5 points and the progression of each score is 0.5 points.

2) Search and evaluate the school you want


Enter the university or junior college you want to browse, and then the system will search for the school you want to query. Here I demo searched the largest college in Toronto, Seneca College (Seneca College)


After you click on the institution you want to check, you will see the name of the top three most highly rated teachers on the website and the overall rating of the school. Taking Seneca College as an example, the teachers with the highest scores are Chang, Alfonsina, followed by Huston, Gabriel, Lorentz, Adam. The three teachers scored 5 out of 10, which is determined by the number of people who scored. 73 of them ranked first, so they ranked first.


The scores of colleges and universities are evaluated in 10 aspects.

1) Reputation

2) Network

3) Opportunities

4) Entertainment facilities

5) Happiness

6) Region

7) Food

8) Teaching facilities

9) Interpersonal

10) Safety



As long as you are a student of the school, you can participate in the grading of the institutions, and you can leave your valuable comments on the message board. And you can choose to make the comment public, just like the evaluation professor, it is anonymous.



3) Evaluate your school professor/teacher


Like the previous search, you only need to know the name of the professor to find the corresponding name. If you only know the teacher’s first name, you don’t know his last name. As long as you enter the name, the system will automatically prompt the list of relevant teachers and staff, which is very convenient and easy to use.


There are also a few professors or teachers with the same name and surname, so the system is also designed to locate by selecting specific countries, specific provinces, specific schools and specific departments. There are a total of 5 countries in the country column, ranked in the order of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Wales and Scotland.

During your study abroad, if you don’t know which professor to choose, you may wish to try the function of the website. If you feel good, you can share it with the students around you, or directly participate in the evaluation and help other students!

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