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  • 2020/6/27 14:59
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Good news! We helped Student A successfuly get her PGWP work permit. It only took 3 days from submitting the application online to the IRCC to approving the work permit from the IRCC! The current average trial time is 83 days faster than 80 days!



(The immigration official website shows that the average processing time for the work visa application is 83 days)


Application record for the work permit of the Student A (Source: Canadian Immigration Bureau IRCC)




2020.06.15:  We submitte the PGWP work permit application of the Student A to the immigration office through the online application

2020.06.18: The immigration bureau approved the application for her work permit. She got the three-year work permit in only 3 days!


In addition to the Student A, our other client Student W also quickly obtained the work permit. Because W is a student in a college in Manitoba, we applied for a co-op work permit for W.

Student W's work permit application record (Source: Canadian Immigration Bureau IRCC)



2020.05.29: We submitted the CO-OP work permit application for Student W to the immigration office through online application

2020.06.05: Immigration Bureau approved the work permit application within 5 working days (Immigration Bureau closed for two days on weekends)

Congratulations to the two students for getting the work permit at such a fast rate! Welcome anyone who is ready to apply for a work permitcontact us. We will help you get a work permit as soon as possible!